List of Wrecks


The wreck of the Amsterdam is the most notable feature of the beach at Bulverhythe, the tops of its ribs being exposed in the sands and the peaty clay of the prehistoric forest. This large Dutch... Read More »

Roman Ship

The Museum owns parts of the oldest seagoing sailing ship ever found in northern Europe. This is also the earliest example of a Romano-Celtic shipbuilding tradition that extended from the... Read More »

Warship Anne

The creation and early development of the permanent Royal Navy is represented by the warship Anne, preserved in the beach at Pett Level, to the east of Hastings, whose lower 14 ft (3m)... Read More »

Thomas Lawrence

International free trade in the 19th century is recalled by the wreck of the Danish sailing trading ship Thomas Lawrence, that was sunk in 1862, 7.8 nautical miles off Hastings. She was... Read More »


The Primrose is the last of the Rye barges that carried goods on the river rather than at sea, and was abandoned at Rye Harbour in the 1930’s when she was no longer needed. She was... Read More »


During the two World Wars, tens of thousands of people were killed in merchant ships whilst carrying food and supplies to Britain for the Allied war effort against Nazi Germany. One of these... Read More »

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