The Shipwreck Museum Offers Schools & Organised Groups -

  • Ships & Shipwrecks from all periods
  • Dinosaurs and Fossils
  • Historic shoreline with contemporary relevance in the era of climate change
  • A local museum with a local focus but with exhibits of International significance
  • Hands-on objects up to 5000 years old
  • Audio-visual displays and presentations
  • Opportunity to tailor your visit to your students’ needs
  • Material relevant to a wide range of curriculum subjects
  • Suitable for primary and secondary schools
  • An accessible venue for the disabled

Some of the audio-visual presentations include rare footage of divers exploring the wrecks and of archaeologists and other experts engaged in the essential scientific and interpretative work to make the wrecks give up their secrets. Just how do the experts date wrecks and find out about life on board? We show you some of the secrets.

We can even offer a chance to engage in some detective work relating to the Amsterdam. Just what did happen on the ship in the hours leading up to the moment when Captain Klump took the decision to run her onto the beach, and just how did a musket ball come to be found near the leg of 16 year old Adrian Wegevaren, the cabin boy?

We can also help you look at the possible impact of climate change and the rise in sea levels in our immediate neighbourhood.

In short, we offer you:

  • A visit to increase knowledge, inspire curiosity, inform and entertain your students – all in the context of a friendly, local and accessible independent Trust-run museum.
  • A small but approachable team waiting to welcome you.
  • A general visit or one tailored to your needs – in which case just discuss your aims and objectives with us beforehand.
  • We charge a nominal group fee of £3.00 per head.
  • Easy booking. Call us on 01424 437452 or fill out the form below.

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