The Nautical Museums Trust’s (known as “The Shipwreck Museum”) policy is to make its collection accessible to all, whether physically or electronically.  Our Forward Plan is to also digitise the collection and make it available on line – this has been long-term aim.

At present, we ensure that physically the contents of the Museum are available to all by ensuring that:


  • Entrances, public areas, and circulation routes are clear of obstacles and are wide enough for wheelchairs and prams as well as for people on foot. The Museum is all on one level.
  • Signage and orientation are displayed clearly in large, well-defined lettering agreed by Royal National Institute for the Blind.
  • The Museum continues the ongoing process of consultation, evaluation, updating and introduction of ideas and advice on accessibility to improve the visitor experience.


  • People with disabilities receive equal opportunities in recruitment, employment and training.
  • All staff and volunteers are disability aware including addressing the needs of visitors with specific requirements, appropriate use of language and assisting those with disabilities throughout their visit to the Museum. Indeed, we have a special needs volunteer programme which we are justly proud of.
  • All visitors receive a warm and friendly greeting on entering the building.


  • Free admission for all.


  • We are considered to be a multi-sensory museum covering sound, touch and smell.
  • We aim to fulfill all reasonable requests for tours and handling sessions in liaison with relevant staff.
  • There is a hearing loop available in the theatre.


  • Staff are trained to ensure safe evacuation of all visitors in the event of a fire or similar emergency.


  • We have a handling box that is taken to interested groups who cannot visit the Museum in person, such as the elderly, blind and infirmed.


The Museum staff are committed to the consideration of all aspects of this Access Policy in the development of services. The Policy is available to visitors upon request.



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