QuadFrontimages324 Year Old Shipwreck Meets 21st Technology

Published April 9, 2014
On Sunday the 2nd March history was made at the Anne shipwreck Pett Level when the Shipwreck Museum Hastings welcomed Professor Robert Stone Director, Human Interface Technologies Team University of Birmingham School of Electronic, Electrical & Computer Engineering Read More…
Amsterdamcanon3A Very Special Return Of An Artefact

Published April 9, 2014
A gun from Hastings shipwreck the Amsterdam which had been conserved for the Museum by the experts at Fort Nelson Portsmouth has been returned to the Museum for ongoing conservation. Read more...
New Artefacts

Published April 8, 2014
We are attracting donations and loans of many wonderful artifacts to the Museum and building on the success of Dr. Peter Marsden in setting up the Museum 25th years ago with the artifacts from the Amsterdam shipwreck at Bulverhythe. Our Museum celebrates the amazing coastline of Hastings and visitors from here and abroad are coming in their thousands. Read more...