Opening Times: Sat, Sun, Wed & Thu 11am to 4pm. Admission: Free

Makeover at the museum

The enforced closing of the Shipwreck Museum has been put to good use. The time has been spent giving the building a complete update and refurbishment which will enable the unique collection of maritime artefacts and treasures to be displayed to maximum advantage. With a new decorative scheme and atmospheric lighting, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the unique ambience which surrounds this amazing nautical archive. There will be plenty of opportunities to experience direct contact with items from the near and distant past. You can make touch part of the Roman London Bridge, hug a fully-preserved 4000 year old tree, sit on a dinosaur footprint (holding a dinosaur bone, should you so wish) or try out your skills with knots and pulleys. The choice is yours.

Shipwreck museum interior being renovated

In the gift shop, which has also been renovated, will be a wide-ranging collection of gifts, from the useful to the entirely fanciful - and everything in between - appealing to all age ranges and tastes.

Then, within a few weeks of reopening, the last of the great Rye river barges, the Primrose, will be ready to make her re-appearance in the Museum yard, majestically sited within her new enclosure.

And there’s more to come!