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Special Commendation for the Iona II Dive Trail

goggles2We are delighted to announce that the Historic England funded dive trail on the protected wreck site of the Iona II has received a special judges commendation and runners up award from the Association of Heritage Interpretation. The dive trail was nominated in the Interpretation for a target audience category in the AH1 2015 Discover Heritage Awards (http://www.ahi.org.uk/www/awards/categories/). Loyd Grossman presented Historic England and Wessex Archaeology representatives with award at a ceremony on Wednesday night.

Shipwreck sites are often by their very nature inaccessible, lying deep beneath the waves and out of sight of most people. This means that it is vital to engage audiences through specific education and outreach programmes designed to raise the profile of our shared underwater cultural heritage. To do this, Historic England has so far funded five dive trails on protected wrecks to provide enhanced access to visiting divers and to act as a deterrent to unlawful access. In this case Historic England commissioned Wessex Archaeology to work with a range of stakeholders to create a dive trail on the 19th century paddle steamer of the Iona II off Lundy Island. You can read more in this blog from Wessex: http://www.wessexarch.co.uk/blogs/news/2015/10/22/special-commendation-iona-ii-dive-trail

Historic England would like to thank everyone involved with not only the Iona II trail, but with all the protected wreck dive trails, for all your help, support and enthusiasm in making them the fantastic success that they are. Nearly 4000 divers have visited a trail in the last five years which I hope you will agree is a fantastic achievement.


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